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We specialise in reducing the risk against businesses like yours.
Our market-leading staff training provides you with a secure and effective way of working.

Amica are training specialists who provide advice and solutions to organisations across a wide range of industries with many different training requirements.

We understand that the right training programme can transform an organisation, whatever its individual learning and development needs.

Amica’s expertise allows us to design and deliver extensive training solutions. Our bespoke programmes will target your company’s objectives, whether your facilitation need is local or global, delivered through blended learning or digital platform provision.

We will ensure that your employees embrace and fully engage in development opportunities by supporting your learning and development leaders to fully understand the motivations of their workers.

We help you to create, deliver and execute learning experiences that drive higher levels of engagement. Our content is at the heart of how we do this; expertly created, easy to consume, and visually engaging.

We also provide regular updates to reflect changes in technology, legal and regulatory environment. This ensures that your training remains relevant and reduces the risk of staff adopting obsolete or our-dates practices.


We offer a diverse range of courses, from 10-minute quick learning lessons to apprenticeship modules. You will receive instant and unlimited access to our e-learning modules, allowing you to learn at your own pace when and where you like. This means that employees can plan their training and quickly achieve the required certifications while minimising company costs.

Our courses are compatible with all major browsers and devices.

We understand that learning extends to all of your operations no matter where they are located; the majority of our course are multi-lingual and if we don’t have it, we can almost certainly provide it.

Amica’s face-to-face training sessions are provided by our experienced tutors at your place of work or another venue of your choosing. Sessions can include workbooks, video playback, role play scenarios and more. This also affords trainees the opportunity to experience and study events that would otherwise be rarely experienced in situ, for example: system failure or data breach.


We are currently developing a number of simulation-based training scenarios.

Cutting-edge technologies will allow us to provide our clients with superior training, adopting virtual reality, human augmentation, machine learning and artificial intelligence. We anticipate that the first tranche of these courses will be available during the first quarter of 2020.


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